Thursday, July 21, 2016


New Testimonials


I just wanted to send a letter of thanks!!!  My reading on Tuesday was more than I could have ever hoped for... Brought a lot of healing, hope and closure. 
Michele was on point about EVERYTHING. I've had many different readings over the years and I can truly say this has been the best. I have highly recommended her to my family and friends.  I hope to have another reading in the future. 


Hello Michele, my name is Erik and I was at the Saturday event at Gettysburg (PA) Paracon.  I wanted to talk with you after the event but to be honest I almost couldn't speak. My wife is and always has been a big believer in the afterlife. I have always wanted to believe but I guess I'm just skeptical of everything by nature.
To put it mildly I have spent the last few days since our reading re-assessing everything I have ever believed. Everything that Michele said was spot on. I knew exactly what was meant when she said that my grandmother wanted me to know that I was a good boy. Both of my grandparents suffered long bed ridden illnesses before they died. My grandfather passed several years before my grandmother and he was the greatest man I have ever known. He had nothing all of his life except his family and that was enough for him. We grew up right next to my grandparents and I was over at their house every single day growing up. When he got sick and was unable to do anything but basically wait to die I went in to see him. He didn't recognize me. I was his little "skipper" growing up and I wasn't upset that he didn't know me. He realized who I was and for the first time ever I saw him cry. I was crushed. I felt like I upset him and I didn't go to see him again. He died. When my grandmother got sick and was bed ridden in the same manner I didn't go see her for the same reason. I've spent the past twenty years worrying that they probably thought I was a bad person for not visiting them more when they were sick. I knew right away that the good boy was about this and I almost cried.

The second part of my reading involved my grandmother saying about my own business. I couldn't believe it. I almost opened my own business but backed out at the last second because I was afraid that if I failed it would sink my wife and I financially. Michele, you probably don't remember this but you told me that she said that money wasn't everything and that I have a lot of ideas that I don't act on because of a lack of self confidence. All were very correct.

The last part of my reading involved a miscarriage that my wife and I suffered almost 9 years ago. There is no way that could have been known. Only a handful of people in our lives know that and I have struggled with guilt over it ever since. My wife is an amazing person but we were struggling as a couple back then, enough that we were thinking of ending our marriage. When we got pregnant we were terrified. Then, we got excited. We started to plan a life together with our child. We started to make a baby room, pick names, and plan a life together. Then at our first ultrasound there was no heart beat. We were crushed. Instead of it splitting us apart we clung to each other and our marriage grew strong again. Very strong. I have felt deep down that losing our baby may have saved our marriage and I have felt guilty for feeling that way ever since.

I feel like that event in Gettysburg was a life changing moment for me. Michele, I owe you my sincerest apology. You are the real deal and what you did for us that day I will never be able to thank you enough for. I have felt like a huge weight has been lifted off of me since then and my wife, my mother in law and I are very glad that we came over for the event.

Sorry I got so long winded with this.  I'm still shaking my head and just wanted to share our appreciation with you.

Thank you!


 July 12
Hi Michele! I wanted to share this with you...last year my family and I came to one of your seminars hoping to hear from my brother who had passed the month before. And we did! Thank you! You had also said that by May this year I would be pregnant and that it would be a girl. Well I found out I was pregnant in late March and just found out this past week it's going to be a girl!  - Stehpanie
May 18
Michele, thank you for sharing your gift of healing with others. I attended a day with spirit, yesterday at the what if cafe, Hershey. What an uplifting experience to witness so much healing. I personally did not receive a reading, but my dear friend, who came with me did. I cannot thank you enough for giving her the comfort she do desperately needed to be able to move forward with her life. Thank you! Stay blessed! - Trish

Dear Michele –
  I first became aware of you when a friend took me as a guest to one of your appearances in Mechanicsburg at the What If Café.  My friend was aware of my beliefs with regard to past lives, soul progression and soul purpose, etc.; so she believed I might be one of her only friends who wouldn’t mind accompanying her but would actually enjoy and appreciate the content.  Both my friend and I have fathers who are now deceased and having both been close to our fathers, she had an underlying hope that one or both of us might get a reading that resulted in our hearing from them.
  Although neither of us were chosen for a reading, I left the event feeling a great sense of connection and excitement after “meeting” you.  Ideas about our spirituality and soul purpose I had held for most of my adult life, that weren’t supported in any way by my Catholic upbringing, were given validation by the beliefs and experiences that you relayed having.  Suddenly, these thoughts and ideas I had so long believed to be “the truth” about our “lives” and our reason for being were things I was not alone in.  Now I was aware of others who “knew” these truths and had actually had experiences to support their validity.
  I went to another of your presentations at the VFW in New Cumberland.  There I purchased a book you had written that I had coveted since the prior appearance.  The book I purchased was “The True Nature of Love” and I bought it in hopes it would help me to pray more effectively.  It not only served that purpose but it changed my life!  The thoughts, realities, ideas and truths you shared in it echoed and gave perfect clarity to all that I had innately known for the better part of my life.  How freeing!  Peace at last!  Love, forgiveness, light and mercy – the answer to every question and need regardless of religious structure or lack thereof.
  I attended a third appearance, this time again at the Mechanicsburg What If Café.  I desperately wanted another one of your books but couldn’t afford it at the time, so later  I called and ordered it over the phone.  When it arrived I couldn’t wait to dive in.  The book was “Messages from Beyond” and in it I found the tools I needed to navigate and fine-tune my prayer, meditation and purposeful thought.
  Both of your books, “The True Nature of Love” and “Messages from Beyond” have become daily companions that I keep at my side whether it be a work day or my day off.  They help me daily to refocus and they are invaluable tools that I count as an incredible blessing.  Your books came to me during a critical time in my soul growth and progression and I am literally, eternally grateful for them.
                            Many thanks, love and light, Anne Marie 

 May 10th
Dear Michele

I just wanted to take some time and say thank you for an absolutely great session this afternoon. I came in with some questions and truly a heavy heart on some issues that I hold very close to my heart. In my heart I knew what needed to be done but I found it jus so hard to let go. After our session its clear what I have to do. And the fact that my grandfather came through so strong really felt good.   Because of you I got to not only hear from my loved ones but I truly think I felt their presence in the room. I will be booking some time with you in the months to come. You have a client for life in me and I look forward to our next session.


Apr 21st
Michele, I had a reading with you on Sunday April 19th. I just need to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the peace and comfort I have so desperately needed. About myself, and about those I love that are on the other side. I have had so much tragedy in my life and loss in the last few years, and feeling like I have a place in this world is everything to me. You are a remarkable woman! I hope to see you again. Thank you SO much for everything that you do!
With love,
Tara - Harrisburg, PA

Dear Michele,

I attended your workshop at the Mind Body Spirit Expo at Valley Forge Convention Center in October. You "read" me and asked me about the number 11. You thought it could be the 11th day of a month or November. I told you I was married in November. You then talked about seeing a lot of shoes and asked me if I knew what they meant. Specifically red shoes or ruby red shoes like in the Wizard of Oz. When I couldn't come up with a meaning you said you realized that it was an analogy for "There's no place like home." You told me someone would be going home and probably on the 11th day of a month. Well at 3:50 a.m. on Dec. 11th, I got a call from my sister that my mom passed out in the bathroom. As I hurried to dress and head to Philadelphia, I stopped and asked myself out loud, "What's today's date?"

My mom passed away at 7:44 am Friday morning (December 11th!) surrounded by her 6 children, some grandchildren and my dad. While still in shock and grief stricken, I thought about the date. I also thought about the last conversation I had with my mom the day before. My mom had lots of shoes, so many that she talked about wanting to get rid of the many shoes that she had!
Today was her funeral. Needless to say, the sudden loss of my mom has been devastating to me and my family, especially this time of year. However, I do find comfort in the fact that she always loved being home and that if you're right about what you saw when you read me, “going home" would be beautiful for her and bring much peace to me.

With warm regards,
Kimberly - Wayne, PA

Michele is the real deal. I would bottle her and sell her if I could. There have rarely been people with the psychic ability I experienced with Michele. Usually readers will guess at things and then ask you questions and modify their reading to fit the information you have just given. Not so with Michele. She knew names of participants and locations where past events happened. I was confused when I was hearing the reading for the first time, because I thought she was talking about a different relative at first. When I received my CD of the session and listened to it again, all of the information was there. My error was to try to form an opinion about who she was talking about when I was listening, rather than just taking in the information. I would say to you, don’t go into a reading with any preconceived expectations or notions, you could think you’re hearing something different than what is being said. Michele even told me my power symbol and color and talked to my spirit guide. If you want an outstanding and accurate reading, sign up with Michele. Events she predicted have all come to pass. I think the money she charges is worth every cent.

Beth – Houston, TX

Dearest Michele,
If ever there is anyone that can put you at ease, make ypu feel rejuvenated and loved or give you a new outlook on life, it's you. I have known you and been involved in your sessions for many years and everyone that I have introduced you to has become a fan and thanked me for the opportunity to meet you.. You continue to bless everyone that attends your sessions with your wonderful compassion, warmth and understanding and Jon helps you complete your overall commitment to people. It is a true pleasure to know you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done to enrich my life through your sessions.
Sincerely, Debby Roadcap – Cressona, PA

Hi Michele,

In the reading you did for me a few months ago, you said that I was to contact my stepson, who lives in Australia. After a few weeks, I emailed you with the results of that contact. This coming Wednesday, I am on my way to Australia for my stepson’s wedding, and to visit with friends and family. On my last trip there in 2003 for my husband’s funeral, I did not envision making this long trip again in this lifetime! But here it is, and it was precipitated by what you were able to tell me from spirit. Susan My reading by Michele (during the Children’s Miracle Network radio-thon) was absolutely amazing! It brought tears (good ones) and I was emotionally drained (the good kind) the rest of the day. I can’t begin to describe how great it was to connect with my loved ones.
Thank you thank you thank you!

Gina – Central PA – The Peoples Morning Show listener

I wanted to thank you for writing Messages from Beyond. It has been so inspirational to me and has made me a more positive person. I loved your book so much I ordered copies for both of my sisters. We say prayers from the book every day. My family and I have been going through rough times recently, but I must tell you that your book has changed our lives and more positive things have been happening for us. Thank you so much and I am now ordering two more books for two friends of mine! M. Scollon-Marone I have known Michele for a few years, and she has done so much for me. When I first went to her, I had so many issues with my Mother and Father, both of whom passed. I wondered why I was treated like I was, and why my Mom and Dad had the challenges and habits they had. I learned through communication with them that they did the best they could in this lifetime, and these challenges were for me to learn from them. I am 60 years old, and have carried these things around in my head for years, as many of us do. It really affected my feelings of self-worth, and it was hard for me to move past it. I have learned everything in this lifetime that happens, is to help us learn, and to move forward. On another note, everything Michele tells me is so accurate, even when I’m told something that sounds like it is unbelievable, it always comes about. No doubt about it, she is the best in her field, as I have tried others, and she always comes out on top. She is gentle in spirit, and loving, and presents everything she tells you in that manner. She lives the life of God in her personal life, she is truly a pure vessel from God.
Sandi - Central PA


  1. I had a phone reading with Michele in 2006. At that time I was experiencing a true paranormal experience in my home. She filled me facts about my hearing constant spirits speaking in the home and loud noises. She clarified all the noises on target. She also informed me that soon she heard a loud roar of a jet engine and that has not occurred yet. Well 2 months later on May 25th 2007 a loud roar of a jet engine was heard outside for 32 mintutes. May 25th is the anniversary date of the Flight 191 Chicago Plane crash. It is amazing work and I have now moved from the home as she informed me I had built it on a very strong Portal for souls to leave and move on. I was never to have peace as spirits would come always for help to the light. Thanks Michele Tim S in Florida

  2. Thank you all for these great testimonials.. I'm experiencing great grief from the liss of my daughter n her dad..after reading all these i know Michelle is the one i want to connect with💗 shelly

  3. Michele, thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You have given me so much peace, not only about my childhood, but just hearing from my Grandma and other family members means the world to me. I miss her terribly. I cannot thank you enough for connecting Jason to his Grandma and Pappy as well. You blew us away with your abilities. You are such a gift. Thank you for the best birthday present I've ever had!!! We cannot wait to come to you again!

    ~ Stacey (Mechanicsburg, Pa)

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  5. Dear Michele,

    I came to you about a year ago as a naturopathic medical student. I did your in person reading with opening scene. I came with the following intention:

    To seek direction in the course of my career as a 26 year old second year (of 5) in a naturopathic medical school. (Also was considering an MD program after I finish Naturopthic medical school.)

    I am on a road trip spending a lot of time in nature and realized that the question I came with was answered. It has never been so clear.

    My grandfather came into the room first and his advice was "it's not about how you look it's about what you do." He was a third wave medic at D Day and my initial inspiration for medicine.

    On this trip I stopped worrying about what specialty to choose and the answer became simple. Do what needs done. I'll work with veterans in the evenings my second time through a med school program, and see what comes. See where the need is. Specialize or spend my time accordingly to maximize what I can DO, not how I LOOK.

    The message was so simple and I think of it every day. My deep thanks Michelle for facilitating this meaningful message.